About Us

The Quality Management & Improvement Department (QMI) was created within the Facilities and Safety (F&S) domain to support our commitment to improve the level and quality of services F&S departments provide to students, faculty, staff, and the UCF community. QMI focuses on developing and sustaining a culture that emphasizes continuous process improvement, manages resources efficiently, and produces measurable outcomes with reliable results. Our goal is to positively impact the UCF Community, resulting in a healthy, safe workplace with satisfied customers. Facilities and Safety’s success is our success!

QMI Team

Name Phone E-mail
Montel Watson, Director Resource Management 407-823-3044 Montel.Watson@ucf.edu
Nelly Guerrero 407-823-0878 Nelly.Guerrero@ucf.edu
Jackson Jones 407-823-1876 Edward.Jones@ucf.edu